Thank you so much for taking a closer look at my photography works. I'm a London based photographer who is passionate about creating visual content as much as you are passionate about making music. I've been privileged to work with a number of talented artists, such as amazing Grace Lightman, guys from Liu Bei and singer-songwriter Richard Walters. I also have been collaborating with many awesome publications including Majestic Casual, Dummy Mag and more.


my equipment

Along with my shiny digital equipment I love using old dusty analog gear, like 35mm and medium format film cameras, and of course, polaroids. Why? Well, it's probably the same reason why people love having vinyl and not just downloading mp3s and why musicians prefer using old pedal effects and synthesisers instead of software plugins. Film has a special look, it has a character, and most important, it looks and feels real. Also, having a limited amount of frames forces me to slow down, think and have a connection with my subject, rather than just click away and hope for the best.

what I offer

If you need promo shots or you have a new release coming up soon, please get in touch and we'll create something meaningful together. Whether we're working on traditional look or challenge ourselves with experiments, it's important for me to conceive a visual content that would contribute to your music.


my packages

Please see below the sessions I offer. Of course they can be easily customised according to your needs. So don't hesitate to have a closer look at my works on this website and if you have any questions please get in touch via email info@dmitryserostanov.com and I'll get back to you as
quickly as possible.


Classic Session

Photos: 30+
Time: up to 2hrs
People: up to 4
Medium: film+digital

Budget: £425.00

This option works perfectly for an act or a band (up to 4 people) which would like to update its publicity shots or need a new visual content for an upcoming album or a single. We meet or make a Skype call prior to the session, develop the concept, then shoot for up to 2 hours using a mix of film and digital mediums to cover all of your needs. Minimum of 30 pictures delivered in 4 weeks after the shoot or earlier.


Polaroid Mini Session

Photos: 16 polaroid shots
Time: up to 2hrs
People: up to 4
Medium: instant

Budget: £525.00

If you would like to experiment and try the dreamy look of an instant film, I got an option for you. For these sessions I use two packs of Polaroid Originals – each of them contains 8 frames, so it's all about slowing down and focus on the content we are creating. Once the shoot is done I make a high resolution scans of polaroids and deliver them to you in 2 weeks or sooner. For even more experimental look we can use an expired instant film.


Universal Session

Photos: 50+
Time: up to 4hrs
People: up to 4
Medium: film+digital+instant

Budget: £825.00

This option is the great solution for those who want it all. I combine both sessions described above and deliver you the number of looks – film, digital and polaroids. The running time of the session – up to three hours. Minimum of 50 pictures delivered in 4 weeks or earlier.