Vika in University of Greenwich

Vika Anisko is a talented photographer from my hometown Riga. I have been an admirer of her work for quite some time, but strangely never had a chance to meet her in person. Our paths accidentally crossed in London when we were working together on a promo campaign for one brand. When all the work was done I couldn't resist and asked her for a portrait shoot which we did on early Saturday morning in University of Greenwich area – one of my favourite locations in town. Having somebody like Vika in front of your camera is an awesome experience – she brought her one of a kind personality to every frame that we have made on that day. I expected this session to be pretty quick and simple, but eventually it has grown into something bigger with emotional and story telling aspects. For this shoot I was using my regular tools – Pentax 67 with Tri-X and Canon A1 with Portra 400. As an experiment I also shot some medium format Ektar 100, pushed a couple of stops, but I ended up having mostly underexposed frames – you will find a couple of those at the end of the post. All films processed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab.