Crystal Palace Foggy Scenes

In a recent interview for Crosswalks Magazine I've been asked by the guys about my definition of passion. I said it's something that gets you up at 5.30am on your day off in a hope to get a little bit of that morning light and the atmosphere that you can get only during those early hours.
Obviously, there is no guarantee that you will get anything descent, but if you are passionate enough, you still get out of your warm bed and step into this cold and grey beauty. During the last few years fog have became an obsession and the power that gets me out of the house really early in search of muted tones and barely noticeable silhouettes wandering in the mist. I became a weather forecast freak, trying to predict what can I expect from tomorrow morning. Some days the luck was on my side and would get what I wanted.
For the series below I used 35mm Cinestill 800T film (it works the best under the tungsten light, but still I decided to give it a go under “unusual” circumstances) through Canon A1 with 50mm f1.8 lens and medium format Kodak Portra 400 through Pentax 645N. Dev&scan works were made by Carmencita Film Lab.