Regents Park shoot with Tallulah

Shooting outdoors in London means constant weather surprises and little comfort for everyone involved. I'm a big fan of cloudy skies, foggy backgrounds and frosty ground – this city can provide a unique moody atmosphere like no other place on earth. On the other hand I really love the beauty of a golden hour – something that you don't get in London quite often. Last year I was very lucky (and quick) with organising this shoot with Tallulah from Profile Models. We have managed to get a bit of this Summer atmosphere in Regents Park – it was about +30C in the late afternoon, and it felt like Greece or Spain. At the time UK Film lab was in a process of moving to Canada and becoming Canadian Film lab, so I just dropped films to one of the labs in central London and regretted my impatience when got the scans. The results were less than satisfying, so I ended up posting some bits on my social media. Developed films spend about a year in a shoebox, and just recently I decided to send them to Erica and Chris for a proper scanning. For this gig I was using a mix of 35mm and 120 kodak films including Portra 400, Portra 400 NC and Tri-X. All of them were shot through my two favourite cameras – Canon A1 and Pentax 67. Exceptional scanning works by Canadian Film Lab.