Richard Walters' album “A.M.” cover

When I'm asked about an inspiration for my photography, I always say that music is the biggest source for moods and ideas. That's why I get extra excited when I get an opportunity to work with musicians. I didn't photograph lots of them, but I had a privilege collaborating with the ones whose music I really admire. English songwriter and singer Richard Walters is one of those guys. We had a portrait shoot some time ago and one of the photographs became the cover of his album “A.M.” which was released in October last year. It's a beautiful record and if you would like to give it a listen or find out more about the guy, please visit his website. The idea for the shoot was quite minimalistic – just a simple portrait of Richard. I wanted to “show” his music with this photograph and it was a bit challenging because due to plain concept, I didn't have elements like styling or location, that would help me. All I had was a personality of the songwriter and it was more than enough. Richard was open for experiments, so I used different kinds of instant film – fresh and expired, as well as simple Kodak Tri-x stock in 35mm and medium format. As it was planned, one of the portraits became the cover for the album, and the rest of the photographs were used for promo materials and social media needs. Polaroids scanned by me on a flatbed scanned. B&W films developed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab