Agne for Profile Models

I think I have been sticking to one set of cameras and one set of film for way too long. Why not to try something else just for the sake of experiment? Sometimes I have days when I encourage myself to change my gear, but when the next gig comes along I prefer working with tools I got used to. So, all technical elements remain the same and the only thing that changes is the subject in front of your lens. Despite all the temptation to experiment, this kind of approach suits me best. On this shoot with Agne from Profile models I had the same environment I always have, but the results were slightly different to the dreamy looks I'm usually trying to achieve. I absolutely loved the vibes Agne brought to the gig, as well as the photos we got. During this session I was shooting Kodak Portra 400 film through Pentax 645n and Kodak Tri-X 400 through my beloved Pentax 67. All developed and scanned by Canadian Film Lab.