Rayssa for Body London

When the long dark winter was finally over, the time has come to increase my activity with personal work. Longer days didn't mean enough light for a confident “tripod free” work indoors, so pushing film looked like a logical move to make. Luckily for me, this time I had a chance to work with amazing Rayssa – she is absolutely great with bringing the right emotions and mood without saying too much, which, to be honest, is the best scenario for me, as I prefer to keep things natural, without putting too much force of direction. It was one of those cases, when after seeing model's portfolio you keep your fingers crossed for the shoot not to be cancelled. Also, I was a little bit nervous about technical part of the process, because there is no such thing as a second chance. On that day I was shooting different kinds of films including Kodak Portra 400 through Pentax 67, Kodak Tri-X 400 through Pentax 645n (both pushed 1 stop in development), as well as Kodak Portra 800 through Canon A1. All dev&scan magic
by Canadian Film Lab.